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One of our pillars as a company is paving and walkways. Law Landscapes completes a number of different types of paving which can be large pavers (600mm x 600mm x 40mm), medium size (400mm x 400mm x 50mm) and small pavers (190mm x 230mm x 50mm). There are lots of other sizes and textures we use, and we can complete large patios to small garden paths, whether it is one or the other our installation procedure is the same.

We install the pavers onto at least 100mm of compacted subbase aggregate (this will vary depending on the existing ground). The aggregate will be a combination of Gap 20 or Gap 40 and the pavers will be laid onto a screeded Gap 7 bed. Most of the time we install permanent timber retaining edges to finish as this improves longevity.

Paving and walkways
Auckland paving
Law Landscapes also installs driveways with specific pavers which require a slightly different subbase and will have up to 200mm of compacted subbase aggregate. The driveways pavers can be 100mm x 100mm x 60mm or 190mm x 230mm x 60mm, but there are additional options so give us a call.

Law Landscapes also installs timber walkways which can be constructed with an upmarket hardwood of vitex or kwila. Either way, there will be H4 subbase framing to set the required heights. Law Landscapes can also use pine to achieve a timber boardwalk style path.

Law Landscapes also completes solid concrete garden paths if this is what you would prefer. The concrete can be a broom finish, exposed aggregate or a wide range of options. The concrete is 100mm thick regardless and installed onto a compacted aggregate.