Planting and garden design in Auckland


Although we don’t offer architectural designs, we do offer small scale garden designs. We can work to existing plans or create hand drawn and colour coded design options for your outside area.

We can recommend plants, shrubs and small trees to suit your outside space. We can source the plants that you’re looking for, or you can visit the nursery, select what you want and we will collect it and deliver your order.

We can advise you on some points to consider. Will the planting and design take into account the amount of sun your outdoor area gets? Is there a lot of shade? Partial sunlight? Whatever it is, we can give you the best advice.

We encourage the use of native plants as much as possible (versus Australian or overseas options). We plant shrubs, trees, evergreens, and deciduous options, so whatever you have in mind, we can bring it to life. We can go up to 60-litre pots (which can stand up to 3m tall) to quickly create an ‘established’ garden look.

We also do raised gardens (great for people with limited mobility!), built around a timber structure and filled with organic mix. Raised beds can also create a great stepped look as well.

We can also give you some general advice about when shrubs and plants generally flower, how to fertilise them and how to maintain your new garden.